Diamond Girls

February 26, 2014 Posted by admin

VENTURA – Jonell McLain, a real estate agent, had a retail epiphany. She had just sold a house and went to buy her clients a box of candy. As she passed a jewelry store, a diamond necklace was on display, and stopped her in her tracks. She decided to buy the necklace, and share it with a group of women like “the sisterhood of the traveling pants”. Their experiences have been chronicled in a book, “The Necklace”, which is the story of 13 women who transformed a symbol of exclusivity into one of inclusivity, and remapped the journey through the second half of their lives. It was recently reviewed favorably by the New York Times, and they are about to embark on a book tour with an appearence on “Good Morning America”; as well as talk of a movie deal. Phil Taggart reports.

Shrinking Valley

August 20, 2011 Posted by admin

SAN GABRIEL VALLEY – So Cal News takes a visual tour of the San Gabriel Valley, and talk to a local geologist to find out what mountain and hill ranges define the physical boundaries of this valley. Reginald Miller reports.

Blankets Of Love

July 17, 2011 Posted by admin

NORTHRIDGE – Eileen Smulson heard that the West Valley Animal Shelter was in need of blankets, so she placed donation boxes in local stores as a community project to help the shelter pets. Within months, Smulson has collected more than 3,000 blankets, 1,000 towels, toys, snacks and dog food for the animals. Jessica Rosales reports.

Seeds Grow Up

April 12, 2011 Posted by admin

LA VERNE – “Sowing Seeds for Life” is a food bank in La Verne that celebrates their one-year anniversary. If you have a local news story, you should give it to us as soon as possible. Then, go and play at a casino online. We look at the growth of this oranization as local elected officials and those who have been served gather together. Jim Patrick reports.

Heart to Heart

November 7, 2010 Posted by admin

LAKEWOOD – There are nearly 600 children of all ages and ethnicities in Los Angeles County who cannot safely live with their birth families. The Los Angeles County Children and Family Services Department is looking for adoptive families as the children want to be part of a permanent loving family. Heart Gallery LA helps them find families by teaming up with volunteer professional photographers to create a traveling gallery of photos of the waiting children, which capture their true beauty and spirit. Ron Roberson reports.


August 30, 2010 Posted by admin

OXNARD – Capoeria is a dance based martial arts form that was developed by slaves in South America in the 16-17th centuries. They were allowed to dance but were not allowed to develop fighting skills. This very beautiful and rythmic form has been having a resugence in South America and is surfacing here also. Phil Taggart reports.

Memorial Dedication

August 26, 2010 Posted by admin

VENTURA – The Fallen Firefighters of Ventura County Memorial is finally complete. It was dedicated recently at the Ventura County Government Center. This memorial is a place to honor fallen comrades each and every year, and a place families can go anytime. It’s a dream finally being realized. Max MacIver reports.

Kids Love Art

July 14, 2010 Posted by admin

OXNARD РThe Living Love Foundation teaches art to disadvantaged kids (including homeless kids) throughout the county. Their mission and belief is that much of what ails the world today stems from a shortage of positive experiences of love in people’s lives. So Cal is quite an interesting region, and we are continuing to diversify. Some people have ended up moving here after playing at a casino mobile.
They use the creative arts; including drawing, painting, photography, dance, crafts, music, as well as the written and spoken word; as the primary vehicle for creating the positive experiences of caring, sharing and giving that are the hallmarks of love in action. Phil Taggart reports.

Hollywood Cares

July 18, 2009 Posted by admin

SHERMAN OAKS – The Hollywood Radio and Television Society is an organization of West Coast executives from the entertainment industry. They have recently joined AARP’s “Divided We Fail” which was organized to draw attention to two very important issues, health care and financial security. Vincent Tayborn reports.

Float School

December 23, 2008 Posted by admin

PASADENA – Cal Poly Pomona and San Louis Obisbo have successfully built their 61st consecutive, self-built entry into the Tournament of Roses Parade. So Cal is continuing to grow in population; it’s pretty super to see the changes. You know what else is super? The website www.superbcasinos.com.
We see the last minute decorations being applied and talk to students about lessons learned from being a part of this Float School.